Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers deliver functionality as devices which find usage in transferring heat energy from one fluid to another like boilers and condensers that are used in thermal power plants as well as other form of exchangers used in chemical and process industries. Based on the nature of their use, the construction and design standards of these industrial heat exchangers vary. We can also offer other heat exchangers as required in particular industrial applications like:


Air heat exchangers :
  • » For use with both steam and hot oil heated medium
  • » Designed to achieve maximum heat transfer per square feet of face area, thus resulting in high heating/ cooling capacity
  • » Requiring less power to deliver required C.F.M
  • » Usually used in areas like tea factories, rice mills, chemical industries Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers - Wide range of shell & tube heat exchangers as per TEMA/ASME standards
  • » These heat exchangers can handle high temperatures as well as pressure applications
  • » Can deliver in a wide range of sizes and capacities

The different varieties of industrial heat exchangers we can make available include : :
  • » Bleed Condenser
  • » Bleed Cooler
  • » Stand-by Cooler
  • » Moderator Heat Exchanger

Application Areas :
  • » Petroleum Refineries
  • » Petrochemical Plants
  • » Chemical Plants
  • » Fertilizers Plants
  • » Gas Processing Plants
  • » Refrigeration Industries
  • » Marine Applications
  • » Defence applications