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These towers are offered with 91 models available under single cell


Wooden Cooling Tower  

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting highly efficient Wooden & RCC Cooling Tower. These towers are offered with 91 models available under single cell configuration. The uses of multi-cell configuration help in the flexibility of operation and meet better cooling requirements. These cooling towers are supplied with treated timber construction, which is pressure treated with copper chromate arsenic. Structural design for operational load and wind pressure of 30 PSI is taken into consideration. 

Item : Material of Construction
Structure : Treated Timber
Fill : Treated Timber /PVC
Fill Support : GRP Grids / SS Grids
Drift Eliminator : Treated Timber 2 Pass /PVC
Drift Eliminator : Support Marine Plywood /PP
Structural Connector : FRP Rings
Nozzle : Polypropylene (PP)
Hardware's : HDG.MS/SS
Nails : Screw Shank SS
Fan Assembly : Cast Aluminum Alloy /GRP Bladed
Fan Cylinder : FRP
Gearbox : Worm/Spiral Bevel
Drive Shaft : Floating HDG.MS
Casing & Louvers : Corrugated AC Sheet/Corrugated FRP Sheet
Electric Motor : To Suit Country Specific
Cold Water Basin : RCC (By Purchase Ser-Drawing Provided)